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Room 6 September 21, 2008

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Christine Taylor (DODGEBALL ZOOLANDER and THE CRAFT) stars as Amy a young schoolteacher with a lifelong fear of hospitals. But when her boyfriend is injured in a car crash and taken to a hospital that no longer exists Amy and a concerned stranger (Jerry O Connell of CROSSING JORDAN and SCREAM 2) enter a nightmare where demons walk among us hallucinations run rampant and sultry nurses engage in lesbian blood rites. What is the shocking secret of St. Rosemary s ? Why does Amy dread these cursed halls of healing? And what final soul-ripping horror lies waiting behind the door of ROOM 6? Shane Brolley (UNDERWORLD) Chloe Moretz (THE AMITYVILLE HORROR) Ellie Cornell (HALLOWEEN 5) and Kane Hodder (JASON X) co-star in this graphic shocker from the producers of FREE ENTERPRISE HOUSE OF THE DEAD and ALL SOUL S DAY.

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